Feburary 2015 · School · sixthform

Sixth Form so far

I started sixth form in September 2013. Like any other student I believed in the prospect of a new start. With only one person I truly knew I can say we were definitely ‘pooping’ ourselves.

Of course it could not be a day in waterloo road, but a day of lessons and forms and people, lots of people I have never seen before.  In this last year of sixth form I have gone through a day of driving, Somerset Geography trips and AS exams which was not a happy day I must say.

But there is one person that started this journey with me. A boy who has now changed my life completely and who I never saw coming. Yes, it is very cringy. He does not go to my sixth form and now he is learning the ways of the royal navy. Definitely a life style choice that i would never have guessed but everyday we are together, the stronger we become…


Life of an Unpublished x


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