Feburary 2015 · personal statement · School · sixthform · UCAS

UCAS Applications

Within sixth form there Ucas logois one thing that is certain to be mentioned, UCAS. Nowadays there are definitely other options when looking into the future and university isn’t always the first option. For me, going to Plymouth university is my dream. To then get a degree in English Literature with Publishing and begin my journey into the publishing world.

The only thing in my way was a single page of A4 emailed to every university I wished to see it. You see your initial application into university isn’t too hard. Input your details your GCSE grades, any work you’ve done and Voilà! This A4 page is your personal statement. Many people gave me lots of different ways to start a personal statement, so many ways that I ended up getting more confused on what to do then I did before I started! Something definitely were helpful such as don’t start with “I am currently studying…” or quoting another person really doesn’t help.

HOWEVER, when looking for ways to start and what to include I came across a great number of people in the same boat as me and websites such as the student room and which was really helpful 🙂

One of the hardest things I found about writing my personal statement is trying to ‘big’ myself up to the universities. As a student i’ve never been very good at telling people how good I am at certain things and being able to present myself. But getting into a rhythm and writing it all in one is much better than having to dip in and out of it. It took a couple of attempts to get everything straightened out but hey! I must have done something right because I applied for Plymouth, Canterbury, Bath Spa and Lincoln and got all offers 🙂

After getting everything finished it definitely helped so don’t stress, because after the process everything is now heading towards something you want to do.


Life on an Unpublished x


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