Feburary 2015 · valentines

Valentine’s Day <3

On Valentine’s Day many people tend to go crazy. With the new release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film I’m sure many WIN_20150215_203429decided to grab their partners or friends and head to the pictures.

This year, Mark decided to take me out somewhere special where I had never heard of, giving me only one clue. If I dressed up, I wouldn’t be out-of-place. With the perfect opportunity to wear a mid-long black dress I found that we were heading towards a beautiful Italian restaurant called La Toscana. It was amazing. We had the Scallop Ravioli for started (Ravioli con Calpesante), Lamb cutlets for a main (Agnello con Melanzane) and for desert I had Mango Sorbet and Mark had the Pannacotta Tricolore. Everything was amazing and tasted so good!

It was a night to remember as any night is when Mark comes home (even better with presents, hehe).

Of course, lots of people can go overboard when it comes to gifts too. I’ve heard friends at work talk about the amounts of presents that they have bought their partners and it is sometimes listings of 10-20 items! This year for me and Mark it has been a nice small occasion which we both like best and where he loves Guylian chocolate (which I bought him) he got me the most yummiest smelling bath and shower set from Molton Brown 🙂photo

Delicious Rhubarb and Rose: Bath and shower Gel, Body Lotion

Replenishing Rhubarb and Rose Hand Cream

Blossoming Honeysuckle and White Tea Bath and Shower Gel


Life of an Unpublished x


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