Feburary 2015

Weekends and Work

Once you become old enough or in your parents eyes, too annoying you find it’s that time when you want a little extra cash in your pocket. But when you are 16 with little work experience that you did for two weeks you finally realise that getting a job really isn’t as easy as you thought. For instance, at the moment my younger brother is just about to turn 16. Except he has this idea that he can walk into (and I quote) “any gaff” and get a saturday job. Only thing is he doesn’t want to actually work on saturdays…

At the age of 16 I started looking for a job. Anything I could get. Only thing was that I had no experience other than at my local primary school and mountains of achievements from school. Not very helpful when you want to impress someone and persuade them that you are the right girl for the job they’ve advertised. To tell the story short it took me nearly two years to even get an interview. I remember when my now boss rang me. I was in the middle of London trying to find Trafalgar square. To tell the truth me and my mum were completely lost. My phone rang and I could hardly hear her, what I could make out was that she wished to see me in person a week from then and that she looked forward to seeing me. I couldn’t even catch her name, it was a great start. However, here I am now with a job in a cafe in a great environment with great people.

Of course I wasn’t the first of my friends to get a job. Actually I was last. My friend Lucy works in a Weatherspoon’s pub and my friend Erin now works in Waitrose. Two very different places which they each took sometime getting to where they are today. On the other hand, my friend Callie had a different experience. She started looking at the same time as me and very quickly got a trial day at a cafe near to her. However, it was not what she expected. Many people go through disappointing time. Like in my opinion strawberries are disappointing. You see them all red and juicy and you think “wow they look so sweet” but at they? Nope. Anyway, after definitely quitting the hygiene hazard cafe, Callie is now luckily so much happier working at the library.

Then lastly there is the man of my oh so normal life, Mark. Now he got a job when he was 12 years old! Working at the local market and getting up at 5:00am! Now that I call dedication. When I first starting seeing him (in 2013) I would sometimes walk into town to see if was busy. Many times he would be carrying around sacks of potatoes for his boss or selling the fresh grapes to  all the old ladies walking through the market. Some old people can be very cheeky when it comes to young men in track shorts while buying their 5 a day!

Work counts for more than half of my weekend now, taking up a lot of time which many people could rather spend in bed (me included). Especially now that I can only see Mark on a weekendif he can come home making going to work even more annoying. He seems to be enjoying himself however and he always tells me that work is more important so we can go on  our summer holiday to the lake district this year! 😉 I can’t wait!


Life of an Unpublished x


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