Feburary 2015 · sixthform

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Now if you are anything like me who lives quite a journey away from school or has to hitch a ride with a parent who leaves sleep_deprived_by_night_blizzardquite early in the morning, than you will know the pain of a 6:00am or maybe even earlier start. It can be hell! Especially in the winter (if you live in the UK) when you wake up and it is still dark! Urgh not helpful at all. We are the people that go to school in something that probably doesn’t match with foundation that definitely wasn’t matched to your skin tone and is all patchy because we got ready in the dark, half asleep with no natural light for another hour…

Of course maybe 6:00 isn’t that early. I know some people (Mark) who have to get up even earlier which isn’t very appealing to me at all, unless if you are going on holiday. In that case wake me up at 3:00am in the morning so I can find out about this amazing thing called a tan!! or maybe sunburn 😦 And although it is very cute. Sometimes I will be woken up at 5:30am (even earlier!) by a text from my lovely Mark telling good morning cause that is when he is awake, so that means that I am awake. YAY. However, it can’t make me hate him because it is pretty sweet ❤

And then there is the friend, much like my good friend Lucy, who lives very near to school and in fact does not need to roll out of bed until 8:00am for an 8:30am start. I have got to say that makes me very envious sometimes.

Mornings are absolutely a difficult one for me as my parents definitely know when I am then late for school… I should probably go to bSleepy 2ed earlier, maybe 😉


Life of an Unpublished x


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