Feburary 2015

The Art of Driving

Many people get to the age of 17 ,or 18 in my case, decide that it’s time to take the step and get into the drivers side of a car. The first time I did this was in Year 12 on a school day out to learn all about the dangers and perks of learning to drive. To be honest it was mainly a day about how a car is a weapon and I think it may of put off a lot more than just a few people driving. However, the part of the day that everyone was waiting for was to be able to drive around the track! 

With dual control you can feel when the instructor is helping but it made driving feel a lot easier than anyone would have thought. Today, I am currently learning to drive, with only around 6 hours experience to can say I am definitely still a beginner. The one thing you will learn is how to stall a car. You will learn this many, many, many times when you start and after a while you can just expect it. Callie has a start/stop technology in her car and so if she stalls it’s just one click of a button to turn the engine back on. For me, however it’s a longer process. One thing I have noticed is speed. When you are sitting in the passenger side of a car and the driver is going at 30 mph you feel like you are snail trailing along but being in the driver’s side of the car I have to say that it  takes you a while to get used to going at 30 mph and feeling like rocket, well okay not a rocket. 😉

Within the group of friends I have, all have passed but me. it sounds really sad but what happened is that they are all born 4-5 months before and so started in the winter when they turned 17. I on the other hand decided at 17 I would like to focus on my AS exams in the summer and chose to wait until I turned 18 to start driving. Now that I have my AS results and am now resitting nearly all of them this summer I realise now that it probably would have made no difference if I had start a year earlier and could potentially be already driving. you live and learn I suppose…


Life of an Unpublished x


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