March 2015

New month, New goals

This month I’ve decided with spring coming I want to become more active whenever I have time. Granted with exams, driving lessons, psychology tutoring and work it’s not a lot of time but every Tuesday night I go to a dance/fitness class with me mum and aunt. We all have so much fun that we don’t realise that we are working out.

I used to go to the gym but it became so tedious that I quit after 4 months. Also, £30 a month was a bit more than I could afford. Now that the sun is beginning to appear and evenings are becoming lighter I’m hoping that  running is going to be easier. It’s not my strongest sport but it’s suppose to get better over time 🙂 well let’s hope it does. I know a lot of people that go to the gym, my younger brother being one of them, but a lot of my friends don’t tend to need exercise if that makes sense. Take Callie for instance. She has danced all her life. From tap to modern and recently she has also taken on point. She dances all the time and you don’t really think about dancing being a sport as such. However, with all the dancing she does she is very slim! I’m not saying that I am over weight but maybe I should consider more dance classes. Or even spin class? I’ve heard that that can be hell for a beginner. I know when my cousin had her first spin class she completely fell off her bike! Also I have a rowing friend, Charlotte, who does spin class every week. And her mum does double spin class! that’s 2 whole hours of spin!

What sorts of exercise do you do?


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