clothes · March 2015

New Look Haul

So I hear that New Look had a 60% sale so of course I can to check it out with my store card at the ready! And I may have bought a bit more than I intended. Also, it wasn’t all in the sale. At the moment New Look have a lot of items that are either striped or high neck and I love their new collection right now!

I only bought 7 items but right now I cannot wait to wear them, them being for winter and spring. Someone once told me that the best thing to do is to buy for the opposite season and it does make sense but I find it so hard to do when shops bring out their spring collection.

My first item was a 3/4 length sleeve, high neck top with cream and grey/black stripes. I got this on sale for £5 and it is such a great material!


Secondly, I found this floral shirt with long sleeves. And I bought this for £12.
IMG_2941 I then noticed that they had all their jumpers in the sale which personally made my heart flutter. However, I was reminded that I already have a wardrobe of jumpers and with the sum coming out I only bought one. This a deep forest green ‘rib’ jumper. I think? please tell me otherwise but I got it for £10 and it is a really good quality and I love New Look’s range of jumpers!IMG_2942

    I then looked into New Look’s new collection and came out with these 4 beauties. A cream, sleeveless high neck, IMG_2944IMG_2945

and black and white tank, a black and white striped pencil skirt and a black, long sleeve top with two white stripes around the sleeve. I love the double white stripe as it just finishes it off perfectly 🙂

I must say that most of my wardrobe is full of items from New Look and I can find a lot in there whether it be full price items, in the IMG_2946sale, shoes or accessories. Maybe I’m slightly addicted to being in there? What sorts of spring items have you bought lately?


Life of an Unpublished x


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