March 2015 · School · sixthform

Waiting for trains

From as long as I can remember trains have been nicer than taking the bus. To get to London or Southend it was a quick journey and not too expensive.

Now however, having to get the train to sixth form every day has never been more annoying with late trains, ticket prices increasing and awkward times, it makes me want to be able to drive so much more.

The line I have to get is one of the most expensive lines connected to London I’ve ever had to take. It’s £4.75 for a single for just two stops on the line (without a railcard) for those who don’t have a railcard it is incredibly expensive, especially for people like me who get the train to school 5 days a week. I’m a student. That means I have a part-time job that gets a small wage for what I do. How am I suppose to pay for that train fare? My parents can’t afford it that’s for sure. I suppose in a cringy way its #teenproblems but I’d rather not say that out loud.

Is it just me who thinks train fares are ridiculously over priced?

When me and Mark went to Paris we used the metro which is kinda like France’s version of the underground. It was so cheap and so easy to use that we could just hop on and off trains and in 2 minutes we would be where we need to be because the trains were so regular and weren’t to bad in condition either. I would recommend French transport definitely!


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