A New Leaf to Turn

Hello people,

It seems that I have been far gone from my blog which saddens me. I suppose with my A-levels completely flooding me in May and June the time to write slowly slipped away. However, with that chapter closed (which I am very happy about) another one is about to open. University.

I am officially a full-time Plymouth University student, enrolling this year studying English Literature with Publishing! I am so excited that I got in and am finally able to relax. I move to Plymouth on the September 19th with my parents helping me move in which is another adventure altogether. With this opportunity I hope to blog more, challenge myself and become more committed to the internet. not just to YouTube aha 😉

While I have been away I have visited the amazing Greek island of Corfu with my friend Hollie. It was an amazing 7 days being able to stay in the Kosmas Apartments of Roda where there was a Greek night of dancing and the best home cooked foods that I would go back to the same place over and over again! We also visited Corfu town during the day, shopping in the market and looking over at the beautiful blue sea! IMG_0263



Also, I had my first driving test on the 31st July and sadly I failed 😦 I was so close to a pass but I failed on my manoeuvre, a left hand reverse around a corner. I was so angry with myself because it was the one I really did not want. But do not fear because my next test is this Friday at 12:38! I am so nervous but cannot wait to smash it!

Wish me luck 😉


A Life of an Unpublished x


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