September 2015 · University

Exciting times

Within the next few day I’ll be moving to university. Very scary times are coming but at the same time it will be an experience like no other. I know many people do not choose the life of a never-ending student, in fact many friends have gone down the route of getting job in London and they love it! However, my choice was the former, studying English Literature for another 3 years 🙂

The most exciting thing so far for me is getting everything you need to live with, (even the kitchen cleaner!) probably because it feels as if I have finally become an adult. I’m going to be living on my own for the first time, not just like when you go on holiday with friends but for real this time. I scares the hell out of me but I cannot wait to get started and meet so many new people. Tomorrow I begin the most of my packing. That is when it will really sink in that THIS WEEKEND is when it is all going down. It will no longer be a dream but reality that is the next 3 years of my life. New room, new classes, a new city that I know I am going to get lost in and new friends.

Of course, your old friends also matter. Leaving sixth form never felt real because I was still able to see my friends and talk to everyone but as we all go to university we will somehow grow apart. Hopefully, not all too much and luckily we have all agreed to see each other in the holidays and go visit each other. New friends and old friends matter so much to me and I hate letting go of people. Luckily I also have a friend, Charlotte, who I’ve known since birth and we have that kind of friendship where we can not see or talk to each other for weeks on end and still be as normal as ever when we finally meet up again, even if it’s going to be several hundred miles, which I’m completely grateful for :). I’m sure everyone has that friend aha

The last thing I want to mention is long distant relationships. I am currently in a serious relationship with my boyfriend Mark and we’ve recently celebrated 2 years together. I’m lucky enough to have him in the same city as me when I move because of where he is based however, after a short time he will be away for around 3 months which of course means I won’t be seeing him and you could call it a long distance relationship, which is something that I and many people have never really experienced, especially when moving to university. I think many people worry that they are going to grow apart from their partner or that they will meet someone else which will get complicated. The truth is that if it’s meant to be, you’ll both make it work. If you doubt that it will work then you need to be truthful with each other. For me the decision is easy. I am completely in love with Mark and it doesn’t take me much to say it so I know that even with him God knows where, I know that we will be fine and when Christmas comes and I can finally see him again it’s going to be… epic! aha!  Just because you’re not seeing that person you love everyday, doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about you or you’re going to forget them. Life they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”


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