Boston Tea Party · September 2015 · University

Boston Tea Party


Within the first week of university life I was able to take a trip with Mark to the Boston Tea Party cafe in Plymouth before he goes away on his tour. An urban cafe, serving iced teas, herbal teas, exotic coffees and amazing home made cakes that were absolutely delicious! Inside each table is different with quirky chairs and unique restored furniture. On such a nice day it was crazy busy and we thought we wouldn’t be able to get a seat but luckily there was a pretty little two seated table next to the window where I could look out onto Plymouth’s Barbican, a quaint harbour filled with boats as the seafood festival buzzed with people.

TBTP3here was so much on the menu, something for everyone from breakfasts to smoothies to light nibbles and snacks. In the end I chose the Red Berry Iced Tea and the chocolate and raspberry flapjack whereas Mark chose the original Iced Tea and a caramel shortbread. As we waited for our drinks to come out we got the chance to watch Plymouth’s people walking past, enjoying the last of the summer before the autumn truly sets in.

What came out to our table was the most amazing flapjack I have ever tasted, as soft chocolate met pieces of raspberry the whole cake, which was a pretty big slice, was absolutely heavenly. In my opinion, I do not normally favour fruit in cake because usually that means it’s been cooked and the idea of cooked fruit to me is something I definitely try to avoid than anything else in deserts. However, with just the right amount, this flapjack was just amazing that I really wanted to grab another slice just to take home to my flatmates so they could try it too! Secondly, our two drinks came in two mason jars with a straw which always reminds me of the pictures on tumblr that are always so pretty.   


BTP1I personally don’t like original iced tea however, I thought I’d give it a go, it being a new town and a new found place and I’m so glad i did because it is honestly better than regular tea which I am a heavy drink of aha. A beautiful red colour that smelt only as you would imagine it. I would definitely recommend going to the Boston Tea Party to anyone who has one near by them as it is such a popular place to go, so much better than other high brand coffee shops and I definitely will be revisiting very very soon 🙂


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