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King’s Cage Review (Red Queen #3)

“We’re going to let them kill each other”IMG_2402.JPG

First of all I’d like to give this book a 4/5 stars and I’ll tell you why.

When I heard that this book was going to be released in February I screamed. I do with most new releases. I remember with Red Queen came out and I had heard of it but never really understood the hype. It got to the situation when I was in London Paddington station waiting for my train back to Plymouth, standing in their W.H.Smiths with Red Queen in one hand and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes in the other. I decided on Red Queen and I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I know many people dislike the series. My housemate for example said she was so annoyed at the ending that she couldn’t possibly read the next one because it was frustrating and she didn’t like the way in which Maven was suddenly evil – she liked Maven the way we all did, until the plot twist.

Anyway, now having just read the third book in the series and realising that it’s not the end – was I the only one who thought this was a trilogy? I believe I am completely hooked and cannot wait for the next one, even if it is still untitled (sigh).

I love the new point of view chapters, more than I would usually in other books. I sometimes get annoyed at authors when they use this device because I end up getting bored with the secondary character telling me their side when all I want to know is what is happening to the main character. However, this time I found it refreshing, especially when Evangeline’s chapters emerged. I was intriguing to know what she thought and how the enemy saw Mare. The way in which her emotions resemble Mare’s, especially at the end, I liked how you could see that Mare and Evangeline were similar in values and that it they didn’t have different colour blood and weren’t trying to kill each other they’d probably be friends. On the other hand, with Cameron’s chapters at first I was very reluctant to like them. I couldn’t really remember who she was and had to get my copy of Glass Sword to really see who this girl was to the story. But after that I began to warm to her and her story really was an important part of the story. A newblood and silver point of view made it different to the previous two books and I’m hoping she carries it on into the next. Also, hope that we get some male point of views because the book lacked a males view on what happened. Seeing into Maven’s head would definitely be a fun one.

I would also like to take a moment to talk about the cover. I absolutely love the cover of this book, of this series. It’s so beautiful with the colours and crowns and at the same time so cruel and sinister looking with the red and silver blood dripping down the cover. I really gives a sense of it being a lot more than just a regular fantasy book, you know that there is going to be some terror and gore in there. The terror is Mare’s situation was also really well written. I felt as angry and determined as she was when she was kept as Maven’s prisoner. The way in which she was still aware of her fears and the idea of the Silent Stone haunting her even after she escaped. I was glad that she didn’t get over it quickly as it made me connect with her more when she was vulnerableĀ and scared than if she was all mighty as just got over it like it was nothing.

One thing I was too happy with however, is that it took 300 pages for her to actually escape. I understand that the story had to build and take hold of the situation but my half way through I was getting very frustrated that the story had not progressed any further with her escape. At one point I had to put the book down because I was getting bored with the idea that she wasn’t ever going to escape and she was throwing a glass at the wall again. By the time she did escape the book had nearly finished, almost not allowing anytime for a full on battle scene. Talking of battle scenes, where’s the other half? Has my copy just lost the other chapter or am I right in thinking that it ends mid battle with no explanation of how it really went? I was very confused by this as the next chapter was suddenly Evangeline sitting in the throne room when a page ago she had just passed Mare on the battle field. I literally asked out loud ‘Wft?’

And last but not least, that end chapter. How could it end like this!? i had real tears in my eyes as Mare for once in her life asked Cal to choose her. Instead of thinking it in her head or expecting him to automatically pick she full-out asked him and it tore my heart out to see him basically walk away from her, even though technically she walked away – out of the room. I love the two together, so much more than Mare and Maven and now I don’t know what to think. I just hope the next book comes soon!




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