Chroma Stationary Notebooks

So, recently I have been looking everywhere for a notebook for journal for university. A planner was easy, I wanted something thin and bright that i could see in my bag straight away, that had the academic year of 2015-16. So what better place than WHSmiths. I bought the most florescent green planner I have ever seen and it’s perfect for the job. The hard decision was my journal. I get really particular about my journals because of course it’s personal to me and in the past i have just used a day to day diary from the factory shop that I didn’t much care for. Furthermore, because it was such a rubbish diary I didn’t really write entries and I ended up with half the year blank. This time it’s different. And what is more personal than a personalised journal?

For a couple of months I’ve been researching different stationary stores trying to find a journal that was write for me. If you’re anything like me then picking out stationary isn’t just walking into Asda and saying “yeah that will do”. Oh no! I suppose you could say I’m sort of a stationary geek (lets all own up to it) so when I saw a video from Sprinkle of Glitter’s YouTube channel about Chroma Stationary I completely fell in love!!

I chose the colour Joanna which is an amazing pale olive green (my favourite colour) with Gold leafing lettering written my blog name in the font Black Jack.



I even love the way it was wrapped in really cute tissue paper and on the front was Chroma so I knew immediately what it was. Delivery was super fast I received it within only a couple of days and now I can’t wait to take it to university with me! I highly recommend looking into this amazing website as all their notebooks A5 and soon A4 can all be personalised with so many colours and are also so affordable its ridiculous 🙂

Also, not so long after I instagramed my journal that my cousin also bought one within the hour in the colour Zoe which is a beautiful deep ox blood red ❤


A Life of an Unpublished x


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